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Relax, live more, play more, leave it to SEA Breeze.

Domestic Cleaning

SEA Breeze will take care of your house cleaning tasks. You'll love how easy and convenient it is to hand over all those boring jobs.

As a minimum we will vacuum carpets, mop hard floors, dust and wipe down skirting boards, remove cobwebs and carryout general dusting.

We offer a fully customised house cleaning services. With appointments starting at 2 hours, you can quickly and affordably make your life a little easier.

Deep cleaning check list - fully customisable to your requirements

Deep Cleaning: Kitchen

- Scrub sink
- Clean small countertop appliances
- Clean refrigerator exterior
- Outside of cooker hood cleaned
- Top and front of cooker cleaned
- Sinks cleaned, chrome shined
- Countertops cleaned
- Clean outside of cabinets and drawers
- Clean exterior of large appliances
- Wipe down outside of microwave
- Clean table and chairs
- Floors vacuumed and mopped
- Bins emptied

Spring or Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning: All rooms

- Carpets vacuumed
- Skirting boards dusted and wiped down

- Remove cobwebs
- General dusting

Deep Cleaning: Living Areas & Bedrooms

- Stairs vacuumed
- Flat areas damp cloth dusted
- Mop and dry wood floors
- Tidy room appearance
- Dust furniture and knickknacks
- Make beds

Deep Cleaning: Bathroom

- Tile walls and baths cleaned
- Shower and shower doors cleaned
- Mirrors cleaned and shined
- Sink and counters cleaned

- Floors washed and disinfected
- Clean toilet
- Shine and clean chrome fixtures
- Wipe down outside cabinets and drawers